An empirical analysis of government employees bank selection criteria in Hargeisa, Somalia: Using Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP)

  • Najah Aden Ismail Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Keywords: Bank selection criteria; AHP; Saaty's Nine scales; Somaliland


This paper investigates bank selection criteria in Hargeisa, Somalia. This work motivation comes from the fact that not many researches have been done in this area in relevance to this topic. This study aims to explore and understand the government employees’ relative preference of bank selection based on the four selected criteria, namely, service provision coverage, Bank location, bank charges, and bank’s reputation. Therefore, the Analytic Hierarchy process opted as a research methodology for its objectivity of measuring subjective nature data mathematically. Analysis indicated that the Bank’s location has the highest significance for government employees. Thus, as a policy recommendation, this study advises banks in HARGEISA to consider their branch locations for more consideration of Government employees to their banks. Therefore, results got from this paper are reliable and can be used in future research works.


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