Role of Intercollegiate Athletics’ Identification in Student Adjustment to College Life

Junmo Sung, Gi-Yong Koo, Stephen Dittmore


The study focused on the impact of intercollegiate athletic programs on students’ college adjustment. The purpose of this study was to extend existing theory on whether intercollegiate athletic programs significantly assist college students’ academic adjustment with roles of social and psychological aspects in college life. Using a sample of 320 undergraduate students, students who have higher identification with college sport teams were found to positively evaluate themselves through active interaction with other college fans, and enhance their level of academic adjustment in higher education. Additionally, team identification had a direct function to enhance academic adjustment while personal self-esteem and social adjustment played significant mediating roles between team identification and academic adjustment. Finally, this study suggests college counselors utilize college sport events for students who have faced major adjustment challenges, such as such as a lack of social relationships and academic difficulties in college life in higher education. 

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