Computerized Measurement and Control System of the Universal Testing Machine Based On Virtual Instruments

  • Daudi Samson Simbeye Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology (DIT)
Keywords: Universal testing machine, Computerized measurement, LabWindows/CVI, Real-time control, Data acquisition, Electronic drive control


The measurement and control system of the universal testing machine was carried on the data acquisition and processing and realized the closed-loop control of the actuators. This is a complete automated test platform of computer measurement and control technology. The electronic universal testing machine control system was designed and realized basing on the analysis of the related technologies and requirements. The system solves the determination of mechanical properties of materials such as tensile, elongation, force, deformation and displacement of essentially all metallic and non-metallic materials and it assumes good performance. This study has presented test results of six different materials specimens namely: plastic strip (fiber-reinforced polymer), brick masonry, floor tile, chamois leather bag, polyethylene polymer and polystyrene foam. The system uses a user-friendly dialog, it automatically measures material specimen, it compares the results with the standard national values and it can pass or reject unwanted materials. The measurement and control software for the host computer and electronic drive control system of electronic universal testing machine was realized by LabWindows/CVI software development platform. The user-interface provides features for the complete real-time measurement, control, data processing, output results display, report printing and other functions. Practice has proved that, under normal circumstances the system operation is stable and reliable, real-time data acquisition precision has reached the expected requirements as well as making system maintenance to be convenient and flexible.

Author Biography

Daudi Samson Simbeye, Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology (DIT)
Computer Studies Department


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