Standby Attorney

  • Albulena Hajdari Professor at Law Faculty, College “ILIRIA”, Pristina, Kosovo Criminal Department, Professor of Criminal Law
Keywords: Attorney; Standby; Authority; Court; Prosecutor.


The Institute of Standby Attorneys is foreseen for the first time in Kosovo by the Criminal Procedure Code. It has been installed in the tendency to ensure the enactment of some procedural actions and the proceeding of the conduct of criminal proceedings in cases when the defendant renounces his right to defense in cases of mandatory defense. Within this article we will deal with the notion of the standby attorney, the authority and conditions for appointing the standby attorney, the importance and rights and obligations of the standby attorney, the common and distinctive issues of the standby attorney with other defense attorneys, and finally to present and elaborate the data regarding the appointment of standby attorney ex officio in Kosovo for the period January 2016 - June 2018. During the preparation of this article I used the legal, comparative, analytical and statistical method.


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