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The paper adopts Gabriel Almond’s structural-functionalism as a framework of analysis. Using majorly documentary sources of data the paper contends that given their energy, youth constitute a critical stakeholder in African development agenda. They serve as object and subject of political socialization, aggregation and articulation; complement and supplement the effort of government in rural development by undertaking self-help projects; protect the environment etc. The paper identifies bad governance, poverty, unemployment, lack of access to data and information on issues that affect Youth, armed conflicts, girl child discrimination, etc as hindrances to effective and constructive Youth participation in development processes in Africa, especially Nigeria. The paper concludes that attainment of Agenda 2063 and SDGs 2030in Nigeria depends essentially on the extent to which  deliberate policy initiatives are not evolved by government to eliminate the factors that prevent youth from participating meaningfully in decision making and implementation especially on matters that affect them. The paper recommends good governance, increased girl child education, provision of social and economic infrastructure to enable youth practice the skills acquired through vocational skill training, increased access to data and information on issues that affect youth etc, as measures that can enhance youth participation and the attainment of Agenda 2063and SDGs 2030.</p> Vambe, Jeremiah Tersur, ##submission.copyrightStatement## Wed, 21 Nov 2018 00:00:00 +0000 Acquittal Judgment <p>The acquittal judgment is a meritorious judgment by means of which the court resolves a criminal case being object of trial. Hence, by this type of judgment the court concludes criminal case, by releasing the defendant from all charges. The acquittal judgment within this scientific paper shall be handled in several aspects. Here, shall be reflected the meaning of acquittal judgment, its characteristics, criteria concerning imposition of the acquittal judgment and the authority regarding its imposition as well as the procedure and effects of this type of judgment. Also, within this scientific paper shall be handled the Kosovo Basic Courts activity in relation to imposition of this type of judgment during the period of time 2015-2017.During the preparation of this scientific paper I have used legal, comparative, analysis and statistical methods.</p> Azem Hajdari ##submission.copyrightStatement## Fri, 07 Dec 2018 03:46:02 +0000 Standby Attorney <p>The Institute of Standby Attorneys is foreseen for the first time in Kosovo by the Criminal Procedure Code. It has been installed in the tendency to ensure the enactment of some procedural actions and the proceeding of the conduct of criminal proceedings in cases when the defendant renounces his right to defense in cases of mandatory defense. Within this article we will deal with the notion of the standby attorney, the authority and conditions for appointing the standby attorney, the importance and rights and obligations of the standby attorney, the common and distinctive issues of the standby attorney with other defense attorneys, and finally to present and elaborate the data regarding the appointment of standby attorney ex officio in Kosovo for the period January 2016 - June 2018. During the preparation of this article I used the legal, comparative, analytical and statistical method.</p> Albulena Hajdari ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sat, 08 Dec 2018 14:48:42 +0000 Listening with Intent: Using ITunes U Language Course to Develop Active Listening Skills for Gifted and Talented Students <p class="IEEEAbtract">Teaching foreign language takes another step with the emergence of mobile applications and websites taking the classroom experience beyond the four walls of a traditional one. Interactive and well-developed applications such as Duolingo, Hello Talk, WiP learning, Mind snacks and Babbel, offer new language learning experience to current generation of students. The mobile apps create interesting environment and good space to practice and use the language. This study investigated the efficacy of iTunes U on improving listening skill of foreign languages taught to the gifted and talented students of Permata Insan College, Islamic Science University of Malaysia. There were 47 Foundation Three (15 years old) students of the college who participated in the iTunes U courses for Arabic and English subject. The students later were asked to complete a questionnaire designed to gauge their attitude and perception towards the courses that covered the listening skill lessons. The finding showed that the iTunes U listening lessons managed to help the students developed their skill and awareness on the listening aspects of both languages. The use of uploaded short videos and the discussion about them managed to enhance their listening ability and quality since they were more alert and conscious in their conversation and listening effort. The positive perception towards such listening lessons in iTunes U courses augurs well for the use of online language learning platform for the gifted and talented students.</p> Abdel Rahman Ibrahim Suleiman, Mohd Firdaus Bin Amran, Zulkarnin Bin Zakaria, Nor Adlyizan Bin ##submission.copyrightStatement## Tue, 12 Mar 2019 10:20:24 +0000 A War of Strength: Femininity Against Masculinity <p>By comparing Eudora Welty’s short stories A Piece of News and Flowers for Marjorie, this essay attempts to discuss how femininity and masculinity are represented, as well as how femininity struggles against masculinity within families and society. In both stories, there are obvious conflicts between man and woman which lead to different tragic consequences. Welty is writing to show women’s agony and inferiority within the family and men’s absolute power of dominance on the one hand, she is also writing about men’s struggle and resignation within the family and the society on the other hand. This comparative reading of the short stories from the feminist perspective offers us a better vision of Welty’s theme: isolation and alienation split couples and beat down their fragile love.</p> Cai sulu ##submission.copyrightStatement## Thu, 25 Apr 2019 17:07:24 +0000