Intertwined Relationships between Systems Analysis & Design and Software Engineering

  • Mohammad A. Rob Associate Professor at Management Information SystemsUniversity of Houston-Clear Lake2700 Bay Area BoulevardHouston, TX 77058, USA
Keywords: Systems Analysis and Design, Software Engineering, SDLC, Process Model, Software Quality


Systems Analysis & Design (SA&D) and Software Engineering (SE) are two comparable subjects taught in two different educational disciplines. SA&D is focused on developing an information system, while SE is focused on developing a software. Although only one course exists on SA&D, various courses are available in the field of Software Engineering. However,both of them discuss the same process models to develop a system or software. An information system cannot be built withoutbuilding a software. So why the need exist to address various subject areas within Software Engineering as compared to a single course in SA&D? What is the relationship between the two subject areasand what are differences? Our analysis shows that although the process models are same in both cases; however, focusing on the ‘quality’ of software is the key factor in the area of software engineering, whereas the organization of the chapters according to the water fall model is a major factor in the SA&D texts. We have identified that in addition to selecting a process model, a software engineer needs to focus on five Quality Management metrics (5QMMs) to develop a quality software. Furthermore, traditionally, SA&D was focused on developing business systems while SE was focused on developing large, complex, embedded, and real-time systems. However, this trend is changing in today’s software market, which is dominated by large business systems rather than traditional technical and governmental systems. As such, both SA&D and SE texts are verging towards a common direction to address the complex business needs of the information systems where big dollars are spent in the ever-growing market of demand and supply.Thus the SE texts should continue to address the topics that relate to large business systems including databases and web technologies. On the other hand, SA&D texts should continue to adapt many software engineering quality concepts and bring them in par with the SE texts. 


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