Cloud Computing Security: A Survey

  • Elaheh Golzardi Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Kurdistan PNU
Keywords: Cloud Computing, Decryption, Encryption.


Today, the world of Internet and Information technology, which is turned into a crucial part of human life, is growing rapidly. In this direction, the needs of societies` members including: information security, fast processing, immediate & dynamic access and the most important one, cost saving have been taken into consideration. Security issues used to be the main challenge of the systems` users constantly. A crucial achievement, by which users` data are accessed broadly & comprehensively, is cloud computing and storage in clouds, but this requires establishing data security in a very reliable environment. Cloud based computing, as a new generation of computing infrastructure, was created to reduce the costs of hardware & software resource management and it`s success is due to it`s efficacy, flexibility and it`s security in comparison to other computing approaches. Supporting security of stored data is one of the difficulties and issues discussed in cloud computing field. Our goal is to understand present challenges and solutions in cloud based environment; furthermore, we investigate present algorithms, in terms of application`s speed both in cloud based environment and local networks.


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