Scientific rationale for the use of low-intensity sprinkling systems in mountain irrigated agriculture in Azerbaijan

  • R. A. E. Institute of Soil Science and Agro chemistry ANAS-2020, Azerbaijan
  • Z. H. Aliyev Institute of Soil Science and Agro chemistry ANAS-2020, Azerbaijan
Keywords: irrigation interval, irrigation, water capacity, groundwater, loam, a count unit, slope, soil fertility, and others.


The results of the study revealed that the mismatch intensity rain rate of water absorption into the soil formation of a surface relief and soil erosion, uneven and zakiraliyev soaking imperfection open irrigation system at a superficial irrigation, the need for different irrigation methods in the growing and not growing periods, low coefficient land utilization, high cost of irrigation and other features are, to a certain extent in conflict with the requirements of watering cultivated with techniques for / of crops in an area at the deep groundwater.


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