Amino Acids in cheese Kackaval produced from Combined milk (2: 1 Cows & Sheep milk) in milk industry “Bylmeti” in Fushë Kosova

Keywords: Milk, Proteins, Amino-acids, Cheese, Kaakaval


The role of milk in nature is to ensure food and immunological protection of the young mammals. Milk processing in Kaçkaval cheese takes very important place in productivity of dairy, in the same time takes very important role in domestic economy as well as nutritive for human kind.

The task of this paper is to determine the influence of type of milk (cow and sheep, and a mixture of these two types of milk (ratio between the milks 2:1) on the properties of cheese kaçkaval, then determine how to produce the milk used type of change affects the amino acids properties of cheese during ripening.

This study is done to research the ingredients of amino acids of Kaçkaval cheese, (these type of cheese is classified to semi hard  group of cheeses), daily fresh cheese (One day), 15 to 30 days maturing, produced from combined cows and sheep milk, from fresh milk. There were made 45th of analyses with amino analeiser to searching ingredients of amino acids. 


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Author Biography

Shukri Ajet Maxhuni, University "Ukshin Hoti" Prizren Kosova Europa
Food technology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry


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