Articles published with Scitech Research Journals are entirely open access and unrestricted towards the literature on the Internet without any subscription or price barriers.

Here are some benefits we provide:

  • Accelerated discovery, with open access, researchers can read and build on the findings or conclusion of others without restriction.
  • Articles are published under a Creative Common (CC) Attribution License. This means that you are asked to acknowledge others to download, re-use, share or adapt your work as long as the original source is cited or quoted.
  • Our production process follows a high standard to ensure quality publications. All articles are abided to high level language editing and full copy-editing, as well as being processed through QC process, to ensure credibility. No article is published without the Editor and Author’s final approval.
  • Immediate visibility for research output once an article is released and thus increase visibility and usage of their results which leads to an high impact.
  • We offer fast publication with accurate double blinded peer review process.
  • Unrestricted access to material, enriched education, allowing equality of learning in poor as well as in rich nations.
  • Articles are published in their final form within one day after the acceptance by the handling editor.
  • Our team continuous effort with each individual article published is able to reach many potential readers as viable through social marketing.
  • Popular and Trendy articles are highlighted and shown on the journals’ and publishers homepages. This usually adds value to the articles.
  • Articles submitted to our journals are being accessed from over the globe providing equal space to all the researchers of all the countries.
  • Once we receive your article we accredit a main editor, you can contact our Managing Editor through email and be assured of a rapid, friendly and helpful answer.