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Vol 2, No 1: JPRM ( ti , tj ) * - Q* g closed sets in bitopological spaces Abstract   PDF
P. Padma
Vol 12, No 1: JPRM A combination forecasting model based on IOWA operators Abstract   PDF
Lei Liu, Yan Qian
Vol 6, No 4: JPRM A comparative effectiveness of stochastic approximation method and pseudo inversion method for solution to PDE with financial application Abstract   PDF
Bright O. Osu, Okechukwu U. Solomon
Vol 12, No 4: JPRM A Comparison Study of Linear and Nonlinear Regression Models Abstract   PDF
Taghreed Abdul- Razek Abdul-Motaleb Al-Said
Vol 9, No 3: JPRM A computational solution of the multi-term nonlinear ODEs with variable coefficients using the integral-collocation-approach based on Legendre polynomials Abstract   PDF
Khadijah Mohammed, M. M. Khader
Vol 2, No 2: JPRM A Conditional Repetitive Group Sampling Plan for Truncated Life Tests Using Log Logistic, Exponentiated Log Logistic, Rayleigh and Inverse Rayleigh Distributions Abstract   PDF
Priyah Anburajan, A. R. Sudamani Ramaswamy
Vol 5, No 1: JPRM A Direct Transformation of a Matrix Spectrum Abstract   PDF
Sergey Mikhailovich Skovpen, Albert Iskhakov
Vol 2, No 1: JPRM A Group Acceptance Sampling Plan for Weighted Binomial on Truncated Life Tests Using Exponential and Weibull Distributions Abstract   PDF
Priyah Anburajan, A. R. Sudamani Ramaswamy
Vol 2, No 1: JPRM A Hybrid Group Acceptance Sampling Plan for Lifetimes Based on Gamma, Exponentiated Log Logistic and Marshall Olkin extended exponential Distributions Abstract   PDF
Priyah Anburajan
Vol 4, No 3: JPRM A New Approach to solve Fuzzy Transportation Problem for Trapezoidal Number Abstract   PDF
Gaurav Sharma, S H Abbas, Vijay Kumar Gupta
Vol 11, No 2: JPRM A New Homotopy Perturbation Method for Solving Systems of Nonlinear Equations of Emden-Fowler Type Abstract   PDF
Musa Rahama Gadallah, Tarig M Elzaki
Vol 11, No 1: JPRM A Note on a Comparison of Methods for the Estimation of Weibull Distribution Parameters of Nwobi and Ugomma Abstract   PDF
I. E. Okorie, A. C. Akpanta, J. Ohakwe
Vol 4, No 3: JPRM A Note on One Sided and Two Sided PO-Ternary Ideals in PO-Ternary Semiring Abstract   PDF
Dasari Madhusudhana Rao, Pusapati Siva Prasad, G Srinivasa Rao
Vol 6, No 2: JPRM A Note on Riemannian Submersions with Umbilical Fibres Abstract   PDF
T. Tshikuna-Matamba
Vol 6, No 1: JPRM A Note on the Asymptotic Stability Abstract   PDF
Juan Eduardo Napoles Valdes, Luciano M. Lugo Motta Bittencurt, Paulo M. Guzmán
Vol 6, No 3: JPRM A note on the π-complemented algebras. Abstract   PDF
Juan Carlos Cabello
Vol 12, No 1: JPRM A Novel Proof based on the method of infinite descent for Fermat’s Last Theorem Abstract   PDF
Ling Cai, Songlin Chen, Qing Zhang
Vol 9, No 3: JPRM A Proof of Beal's conjecture Abstract   PDF
James Joseph
Vol 12, No 5: JPRM A Pure Mathematical Proof Of The Four Color Problem Abstract   PDF
Fayez Fok Al Adeh
Vol 12, No 2: JPRM A symmetric model of prime number placement by dual cord at the half line of the Inverse Fixed cone at 1:3 Pythagoras , in a fixed numbers matrix Abstract   PDF
Vinoo Cameron, Theo denOtter, Cenap Ozel, Manoj Kumar Srivastav, Mirzahmet Syzdykov
Vol 2, No 2: JPRM A Two Stage Group Acceptance Sampling Plans Based on Truncated Life Tests Using Log-Logistic and Gamma Distributions Abstract   PDF
Priyah Anburajan, A. R. Sudamani Ramaswamy
Vol 7, No 4: JPRM Almost sure exponential stability with a general decay of mild solutions of neutral stochastic partial differential equations with local non-Lipschitz coefficients and inffinite delays Abstract   PDF
Castillo-Fernandez David
Vol 5, No 2: JPRM Al-Tememe Transformation for Solving Some LODE Without using Initial Conditions Abstract   PDF
Alaa Sallh Hadi, Ali Hassan Mohammed, Hassan Nadem Rasoul
Vol 10, No 1: JPRM An Adaptive Preconditioner Matrix on N-P Group AOR Iterative Poisson Solver Abstract   PDF
Abdulkafi Mohammed Saeed
Vol 4, No 4: JPRM An algebraic proof of Fermat’s last theorem Abstract   PDF
James Joseph
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