Sigmoid Function In The Space Of Univalent Lambda Pseudo Starlike Function With Sakaguchi Type Functions

  • Olatunji S.O. Department of Mathematical Sciences, Federal University of Technology, P.M.B.704, Akure, Nigeria
Keywords: Analytic functions, Starlike function, Convex function, Bounded turning, Sub- ordination, Bazilevic function, Sigmoid function, Fekete-Szegoo Inequality.


In this work, the sigmoid function in the space of univalent - peseudo starlike function with Sakaguchi type functions are investigated. The rst few coecient bounds for the class \ (s; t; ) were obtained. Also, the relevant connections to Fekete-Szego theorem for this class were brie y discussed. Our results serves as a new generalization in this direction and it gives birth some existing subclasses of functions.


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