On 2-absorbing Primal Hyperideals Of Multiplicative Hyperrings

  • Mohammed M. AL-Ashker Department of Mathematics, The Islamic University of Gaza, Palestine
  • Arwa Ashour Department of Mathematics, The Islamic University of Gaza, Palestine
  • Sana Subouh Department of Mathematics, The Islamic University of Gaza, Palestine
Keywords: Multiplicative hyperring, Prime hyperideal, Primary hyperideal, irreducible hyperideal, 2-absorbing hyperideals, 2-absorbing prime hyperideals, 2-absorbing primal hyperideals.


Let R be a commutative multiplicative hyperring. In this paper, we introduce the concept of 2-absorbing primal hyperideals. A non zero hyperideal I of a multiplicative hyperring R is called a 2-absorbing primal hyperideal of R if the set of all elements in R; that are not 2-absorbing prime to I forms a hyperideal of R; denoted (I) = fd 2 R; d is not a 2 - absorbing prime to Ig: We study properties of 2-absorbing primal hyperideals and introduce a number of results concerning 2-absorbing primal hyperideals illustrated by several examples of 2-absorbing primal hyperideals.


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