Squaring the circle and number π

  • Steva Stojilkovic retired
Keywords: Geometry ; Number Pi ; Squaring the circle ; Sphere geometry.


 This paper presents an attempt to finally solve the problem of constructing the squares of the same surface of the given circle, in a simple way: by determining the exact value of the number π. The value of this constant thus far implies the following: in the Universe there is no square of the same surface as the given circle!?     It's pointless. The number π is not irrational, so it is not transcendental number either.



geometric Archimedes (223/71< π <22/7 ), Ptolemseus (3,1416) , Tsu Ch'ung-chih(355/113), Al-
Khwa rizmi... Van Ceulen (35 decimals)…
 arithmetic (Fransoa Viet, 1593), (John Wallis, 1616-1703), (James Gregory , 1638-75), (John Machin,
1680- 1751), (William Shanks, 1812-82)...
The most approximate value that has been used throughout history is: "Indian sources by about 150
BC treat as √10 ≈ 3.1622. " "In ancient China, values for π included √10 (100 AD, approximately
3.1623)." wikipedia
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