Journal of Progressive Research in Chemistry 2017-12-24T13:18:29+00:00 Managing Editor Open Journal Systems Journal of Progressive Research in Chemistry Synthesis and Properties of Carbonized Silicate Ceramics 2017-12-24T13:18:29+00:00 Marina Vlasova Verónica González Molina Abigail Parra Parra Ariadna Trujillo Estrada Pedro Antonio Márquez Aguilar Mykola Kakazey José Campos Álvarez <p>Temperature treatment of compositions based on red clay, grinded wastes of basalt (tezontle) and cullet makes it possible to reduce the sintering temperature and sintering time of ceramic products of different applications within the framework of a traditional technology, i.e., realize an energy-saving technology. The principle of formation of low-temperature eutectics is the basis for the energy-saving technology. The use of biowaste of sewage water treatment plants (WAS) enables us to perform plastic formation of products without addition of free water, thereby realizing a water-saving technology. The sintering of mixtures under conditions of a shortage of oxygen (in argon) leads to the formation of carbonized porous ceramics. Depending on the sintering regime, ceramics of different application (from building ceramics to adsorbing ceramics) can be obtained.</p> 2017-12-19T15:36:14+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##